Monday, October 11, 2010

Ocean Waves Quilt Block ....

Hey Grandma! welcomes you to another week! Here on the Western Slope of Colorado, the sun is shining and autumn is in the air for certain! There is still alot of green showing on the trees, but the colors are changing, and before the next week or two is over, the trees will be sporting the vibrant colors which so many other areas in this great nation of ours have, or are, experiencing.

As you already know, I am taking inspiration from McCalls Quilting Winter edition 2009/2010 Sampler Quilt. You can get your own back issue via

To be perfectly honest, I did NOT like their Ocean Waves pattern! I simply do not like to deal with mitred corners, and that's what their block/directions wanted me to do. Um Um no way! I still wanted to work with a fussy cut center square, so after some time looking for alternate Ocean Waves blocks, I came across one that would work just fine! NOTE! You will be very surprised at how many of the quilt blocks out there have alternate settings ... Another thing that bothered me about their block was the use of red. Red just does not come to my mind when I think of water.

At any rate, the pictures show my block as well as the directions of the one I did. Click on the pictures to bet bigger detail. This quilt block comes from

I took the block pattern and tweeked it to be more like other waves patterns. Which makes me think .... Do you suppose our Grandmas and Aunts from the past did the same thing to quilt blocks? I do! Why do we have so many different variations had they not. Not to mention the different names for the same block. The different areas our wonderful ancestor women lived often times dictated the various names ... sometimes it was their cultural backgrounds which gave them the names we know many blocks today by. Hey Grandma! Thank you for the legacy!

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