Friday, October 22, 2010

Farmers Fields and Corn and Beans Quilt Blocks ...

Hi there from Hey Grandma!

We are having the wonderfully light rainy day here on the Western Slope of Colorado! Always a welcome sight when you live in a semi arid desert area ...

Okay! So I managed to get two blocks finished last night for my Sampler Quilt. Once again, I am taking my inspiration from the 2009/2010 Winter Edition of McCalls Quilting Magazine. You can get your own back issue copy via Actually, I strongly suggest you purchasing this magazine as it is full of fun quilts to create!

Farmers Fields .... I suspect this block traditionally goes by a different name. I know I have seen it before, but when I tried to research the name, this one does not come up unless it is associated with the McCalls Sampler Quilt. I wish one of my Grandmothers were still alive .... it's times like this that would make it ideal to ask a pro!

Corn and Beans ... This one is a variation of Corn and Beans Quilt Block. There are three others that I know of, but this one was fun to assemble.
There are variations ( a bit of quilt lore for you!) of the block which also go by the names: Duck and Ducklings, Ducklings, Fox and Geese, Hen and Chickens, Handy Andy, Shoo Fly, Wild Goose Chase.
Hey Grandma! thinks it might be fun to make a quilt with the blocks listed above! Maybe call it the Farm Yard, or something. Hmm .... something to ponder on ....
I have my fabrics all picked out of the next block which is a Flower Basket (another of my favorites, too!)

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