Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flower Basket and Rail Fence Quilt Blocks

I really thought I was going to have the whole day to sew .... sometimes it is really silly to have a thought process! LOL First of all, I heard our local Quilt Store was having a Saturday only sale .... I figured I would call first to see if they had a book by Kathleen Tracy there on sale that I have been eyeing. If it wasn't on sale, I simply would stay home. If it was on sale? Oh thank God it was! And I am quite certain I did my fair share to help pay for a couple of the employees wages in the process! LOL

Then I get home and see red tomatoes in the garden. Even though I have canned and canned ..... and canned and canned tomatoes this year, I couldn't let those beautiful things go to waste! So as I sit here visiting with all of you, I have a wonderful smelling pot of salsa simmering away on the stove, thickening to the just the right consistency before I put in jars.

Then I got to looking at some of the fat quarters I brought home, and a wonderful pattern came to mind! So then I had to start designing .... I will play it safe and say, "Mums The Word", as I do believe this will be the pattern to launch a new business. Actually, that is a bit intimidating ... but exciting just the same.

So, last night I made two blocks for my Sampler Quilt. The Flower Basket and Rail Fence.

Basket quilt blocks of any style are a favorite of mine. There is not a one that doesn't bring a smile on my face.

I love the simplicity of the Rail Fence block! Of course I prefer it on a larger scale to see the rails meander throughout the quilt top, but even in this simple block you can get a lovely image of how it would take shape if you kept on going.

The block to make is one of the beautiful variations of the Tree of Life. Tree blocks are another favorite. hmmm .... I am finding I have a lot of favorite blocks .... such as the life of Hey Grandma!


  1. Thank you so much for the great advice on my new quilt! I am enjoying making my houses, at first it was hard but it is getting easier. I found a quilt almost like the one you thought had another name - Three Crosses.

  2. I LOVE that flower basket but cannot find a pattern for it. Do you have a source? Thanks!

    1. Let me find it and see if I can get you the directions for you :)

    2. Hi Kathy! Maybe this will help? Let me know ....