Sunday, May 29, 2011

Basket Swap ....

Shame on me! Why on earth have I waited so long to blog? I need to work on that, don't I? Actually, I have been considering a different blog name, but thoughts are just that .... thoughts.

Ok. So I participated in a basket swap which was such a refreshing thing to do!

This is the one I received along with the wonderful goodies which came from Marj Coldiron in South Carolina. I am still chuckling at the Aspirin Milk Chocolate! LOL Look at those fat quarters! Aren't they wonderful? And who doesn't like Lemon Iced Tea? I mean really?! Don't tell me if you don't ... it will only shatter my delusion. ;)

This pink and brown basket is the one I made.

My heart goes out to the people who have suffered so horribly this spring season. I can not even imagine what they must be going through. To loose so much in a blink of an eye would be traumatic indeed. My thoughts and prayers to all.

I looked at the thermometer at 7AM this morning and saw it said 80 degrees. The wind is blowing like it did when we lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming! I thought how glad I am to not be living in Tornado Ally ..... I love the area of the Western Slope Colorado I live in!

Our Veggie garden is planted and we are already enjoying lettus, spinach and radish. Saw tomatoes , ever so tiny, on a few of the plants. Potatoes will need to be mounded soon .... Awe! Love the garden!