Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweet coolness ....

Woke this morning to a chilly house! Love it! Wonderful, wonderful cool crisp air! Hey, living in a semi arid desert region makes summer time hot. I look VERY foreword to Autumn ....

Note the little gadget button I put in the upper left corner this morning! A Christmas Quilt Along is definitely in order as the weather brings us all back indoors to find snuggly comforting things to occupy our time.

How many of you only make homemade gifts for Christmas? Like me, I can well imagin there are some people who cherish that homemade gift far more than one purchased at the dreaded Mall (I don't like Malls all that much). Well, if you haven't already begun your homemade gift giving projects, let's get underway together! What are your plans? Who are you making things for? Do you get all giddy feeling just thinking about it?

Well, I'm off to the work room!

You all have a wonderful day!!