Friday, October 15, 2010

Lynette Jensen with Thimbleberries ....

I am so excited! Tomorrow, October 16th, Lynette Jensen will be here in Western Slope Colorado with one of her, now rare, trunk shows!

She has been designing for 20 years, and I think I have been following her for most of that. I was thrilled beyond measure when she began her fabric line ... especially when they blend so wonderfully with reproduction prints, if you find the need to mix like that (which I have on occasion).

I understand there will be dozens of quilts and tons of stores! My beautiful tall and talented daughter is joining me and I just know we'll leave there tomorrow afternoon filled to the brim with inspiration and loads of enthusiasm, and I can hardly wait!

I never thought of myself as a groupie ... guess maybe I am a little.

I have several quilt artists which feed my quilting soul .... Jo Morton, who I wish I could syphon some of that talent from. The two very talented women with Blackbird Designs. They have awesome fabric lines, too, as well as the neatest counted cross stitch patterns (which I recently purchased a couple just this week!). Kathleen Tracy who constantly inspires me with her Civil War print quilts and her books with such detailed and envied history. And! When I found the book Egg Money, I became completely captivated with Eleanor Burns. And like many of you, there are many, many more quilt artists out there that capture our creative quilting attention.
Please share with Hey Grandma! who your quilt heroes are! I would love to add to my quilt patterns and quilt book library! ;)
I'll let you all know how it went with Lynette Jensen! (I just know Lynette and I will become the BEST of friends! LOL)

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