Sunday, January 30, 2011

Willow Mesa has been launched ...

Yes, I realize I have not been posting of late, but there have been things going on. One is getting a new business adventure off the ground. Join us if you like! Willow Mesa blog:

We also are on Facebook (Willow Mesa), so if you want to keep up with us there, we would certainly appreciate that as well!

Now, on a personal Hey Grandma! things. I did something totally fun! I signed up for a Mug Rug Swap! I am working on my two rugs today, and I'll share the pictures of them when they are completed and before I mail them to their new secret home. I don't this type of thing very often, but I do believe I will change my tune! This is lots of fun! I can't wait to see the two Mug Rugs I get and from where they come from .... what a great way to meet someone new!

Ok, I'm back to the sewing room!

Hey Grandma! wishes you a great rest of the day!!!

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