Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White New Year ....

And I got it too! There is a ski resort 45 minutes from here that was not sure if they were going to be open for Christmas. Well, at the last minuet they received their snow, but we here in the valley did not benefit from that storm. Lo and Behold what did our eyes see appear, but clouds in the sky with snow falling .... ok, just couldn't find anything to rhyme with appear .... I sew and cook, not write poetry. teehee

January 1, 2011 .... January 1, 2011 ....2011 2011 Practicing the year so I write it correctly on the first check I write LOL

So, how many of you admit to being technologically inept? I raise both arms and wave wildly! I am a Facebook fan ... I love keeping up with family and friends with whom I can not see regularly. I love supporting cottage industries that many folks have been creating. Now I have enough trouble playing the FB game without having FB put little hitches in the way to entrap me. Long story short. If you have a friend who has the Etsy tab on their Facebook page, go ahead and click on it to see the wonderful things they may be selling on Etsy. But if you click on it and it directs you to click on another button ... DON'T! My Etsy page was put on someone else's today ... sorry Elizabeth (blush) Hope that can get taken off of there ....

Still waiting on my ever talented niece to work up the design on our new business cards. As soon as they are ready, Hubby and I will be getting the new business off it's feet. Looking forward to creating again with a wider palette of merchandise.

Hey Grandma! wishes you a beautiful beginning to a new year!


  1. Waiting for days now to see what you have been up to, guess we have to wait a few more days.....