Thursday, January 6, 2011

Got a hankering to knit! .....

It has been awhile since the urge to knit hit me, but when I saw this scarf in the recent issue of Belle Armoire (Love, Love Love that magazine!) I knew locating the needles was the thing to do.

Actually, I couldn't find my needles for the life of me! Hobby Lobby had them on sale this week at 40% off. See? It was meant to be! LOL

So, this afternoon I began the scarf. Thank goodness for google, as I was having a hard time remembering a few things associated with knitting. It was great to see a picture and remember what to do! Lets me know I have not totally lost it LOL (I have a birthday coming up and the "loosing it" seems valid these days LOL)

I worked in the sewing room for a bit today too .... pictures on that later.
Hey Grandma! wishes you all a great rest of the day!

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