Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fish Tales Quilt Block ....

Welcome to another day with Hey Grandma!

So, here is the Fish Tales block ... I don't think I would really enjoy making a whole quilt out of the block, but I do have to say it was an intriguing one to make.

For those who have been following, my inspiration for this sampler quilt comes from the 2009/2010 Winter Edition of the McCalls Quilting Magazine. You can obtain a back issue:

I have 6 more blocks to go. Then I need to make the filler blocks which are Sawtooth, Flying Geese, Economy, Pinwheels and Hourglass squares. These various blocks fit together with the main blocks to create a Sampler Quilt that is geometric and allows the eye to pass over the quilt with random amazement ... OK, maybe that sounds a bit dramatic, but you'll see what I mean!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and now I found yours and thoroughly enjoy! I could quickly see we have similiar interest in quilts and fabric choice. Love the log cabin on your side bar!! Love you share so many recipes thoroughout your blog as well. I've become a follower!!