Monday, November 1, 2010

Bears Paw and Wild Geese ...

Hey Grandma! welcomes you to November 1st! Today I began working on new recipes that will be used during the holidays. I just took out two loaves of Apple Bread from the oven, and just with the delightful fragrance floating around here, I had better do a double workout tomorrow! LOL Tell you what, if this bread is as good as it smells, I'll give you the recipe tomorrow along with a picture ... hows that? But for right now, "Lord, help me to be strong and not eat a whole loaf!"

Last night I made two more blocks for my sampler quilt. For those of you who are new to my blog, my inspiration is from the 2009/2010 Winter Edition of the McCalls Quilting magazine. If you do not have a copy of your own, you can obtain a back issue via

Now in all honesty, this is probably my least favorite version of the Bears Paw. However, it will still look wonderful in the quilt. It just seems a little sad using a quarter of a wonderful block ....

I am a fan of the Bears Paw though. It has interesting lore behind it as well. One, is it was believed to be used as a resource during the Underground Railroad to direct the runaway slaves to find water and fish (which kind of cracks me up as the North American Black Bear is largely vegetarian hehe). There is another piece of lore, if the runaway slaves saw this quilt hanging, to beware of bears .... My question is, which lore were they to follow? hmmm ......

There are also two other names for this block: Ducks Foot in the Mud and Hands of Friendship.

The second block is Wild Geese. I have plans with this block to create a new pattern with. This block was fun and has lots of possibilities. I love the feel it gives while leaning toward the Friendship Star block.
Okay! Until next time .... YOU have a winderful day!

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