Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

It's been a while, I know .....

Disclaimer time!

It's bad enough to get the flu, but when your immune system has no time to strengthen so then you come down with a cold right afterward ... well that is just plain unfair. What initially began Thanksgiving day, took until yesterday to feel human enough to want to venture into the sewing room.

This picture is showing 50 half finished Log cabins. The finished size will be 4 inch squares and will be making a small quilt to fit with a beautiful wooden tray my Awesome Other Half is making .... actually, he is staining and glazing it tonight. Is this going to be a Christmas gift? No ...

We have decided to open a business together .... It will encompass talents we feel very blessed by God to have been given.

I will unfold more of the details a little later. We are working out a few things, but I'll let you know this .... the name is Willow Mesa, which is reminiscent of the area we live in.

So for now, Hey Grandma! is happy to be back in the world of creating again, and I wish you all a wonderful week!