Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bye-Bye Birdie ....

In this case, HELLO Birdie!
I need to back up a bit. While visiting family over Thanksgiving, I spied the coolest piece of Sagebrush in a galvanized bucket for a decoration. Me? Copy something like that? You bet I would! Mimicry is the best for of flattery ... or so they say.
After retuning home, Hubby found a wonderful piece of Sagebrush and in a bucket of my own it went. Now this piece of shrubbery needed decorating. Besides, I had made a flock of birds for a local Holiday Craft Show, and what a perfect display piece it made. Once getting it back home, I added lights and ornaments to make it a bit more Christmas complete.
So, if you have an inkling to make your own flock, here is the pattern:
I over heard one woman mention she made some for a crib mobile for her infant daughter, and the article associated with this pattern says the birds were made for a bird themes wedding. All I can say, is I have another flock in the process of being made, and they are easy and fun ... and if you don't want to attempt to make them, but want some, just let me know and I'll make them up for you. Some are going on our etsy page WillowMesa soon, too.

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