Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! .....

2012 will be full of good people, good times and new craft adventures! Looking foreword to fun ahead!
Here we go! Another new year to play around with. A year to try something new (like keep up on blogging better, for one thing). Finish up projects during 2010 (and 2009 ... and 2008 haha). New fabric art projects to try our hand with. Goodness, but the list can go on, and as I am pretty sure your list is similar to mine, there are going to be variations as well.
Tomorrow I will be pulling fabrics together for a table runner. My Hubby made two new dressers for our bedroom for Christmas, and one of them is in need for something pretty to sit on top. I am going to make a variation of a French Braid pattern in reds, yellows, creams and black. I'll
show you tomorrow.
I encourage you to join me on Facebook! Pins and Tangled Needles is a great place for all of us to share our pictures. Our wisdom. Our stories. Our love for fabric crafts.
Also, Pins and Tangled Needles is going to start doing monthly drawings this month. More on that tomorrow, too.
In the meantime, Allow me to wish you all the Merriest of days ahead in 2012. Blessings to you all!

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