Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Join me on Facebook! .....

I have decided to incorporate Pins and Tangled Needles on Facebook. The social network is huge and the way I see it, what a wonderful way to access all of the extraordinary talent that is just waiting for us to meet. The friendships that are awaiting us is just to good to pass up.
So PLEASE! Join me on the Pins and Tangled Needles Facebook page and let us get started on the fun. There will be a Mystery Quilt starting soon as well as BOM and Sampler blocks being prepared for sharing. As soon as there are enough people to participate, I want to get a Round Robin started.
Do you knit or crochet? Well, never fear, there will be plenty of inspiration directed in your direction, too.
Bobbin Lace and Tatters out there? Well, as "I" want to learn those fascinating arts, I have every intention of bringing those people with the love and knowledge to help us pick up a new hobby ... or two.
As always, I want to share recipes, folklore, and pictures. Everyone has a favorite picture of their own personal artwork to share don't they? And I haven't met any one yet who doesn't have a story to share. Not to mention, quilters don't go anywhere without a plate of cookies! ;)
There are plenty of other thread and fiber arts that need to have their own special limelights, and I sincerely believe that you and I can expose the pure love and enjoyment they have to offer.
I also want to incorporate contests and monthly drawings. If any of you want to promote your business or art form to help out with the monthly drawings, please let me know.
Okay, I believe that is all for today.
As the New Year approaches, let us remember how wonderful 2012 can be with new Friends and arts and crafts to do and share.

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