Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I DEFINITELY have been absent. My apologies!  However, I am back :)

A lot has happened, and a lot of moving forward is going on.   Needless to say, new things are happening. Reviving past loves is one of them.  I love quilts!  I love making them! I love wrapping myself up in the. I love giving them as gifts, hanging them on walls and draping them over tables.

A passion of mine are my Corgi's. They have given me joy in some of my darkest days. Their boundless energy is contagious. I feel it is time to give something back to this hilarious breed of dog, and I fervently want to open a Corgi Rescue facility. A GoFundMe campaign is underway:

I do not believe in taking without giving something in return, so I have been making quilts to give to those who give certain amounts. I have also devoted the Pins and Tangled Needles etsy shop to aiding with this goal.  All proceeds from that shop go to the sanctuary of Corgis in need:

So!  I am keeping pretty busy!  LOL I am loving it!

Some of my projects?  Here, take a look :)

And yes, my life wouldn't be complete with making a doll LOL

I am still busy making historical reproduction gowns.  A gal needs to eat, and you know how we quilters love that pastime, but my evenings and other moments of spare time are at the other sewing machine creating quilts and such. 

Abba and Boston a year ago,

... have grown into their ornery selves. This picture taken after instructing them to sit pretty for a picture.  Sigh .... hahaha

Creating a safe haven for Corgis, and me, is an on going project, and the thrill of everyday life is a happy place.

I am back!  I am busy!  I am happy!!  :)

Wishing you all a great day, and remember to smile!

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