Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Girls ....

Have I mentioned how I love little girls clothes? Probably not ... but now you have heard it from me. I LOVE little girls clothes. However, I like little girls clothes to carry a twist. I find pastel has its place, but I much prefer a bolder look. After talking to a few wee ones, I have discovered they want to look like their Moms.

As soon as I find decent little girl mannequins ... or a way to photograph the little darlings clothes, I will begin sell them (the clothes, not the little girls) on etsy. Here is one of the outfits. This one is a girls size 6. Three pieces consisting of jacket, skirt and petti-underskirt.

Back to the mannequins. Ebay has some nice cloth type ones that appear to be right up my ally. The one I have now is a hard plastic and there is NO way to manage the arms properly. It is beyond difficult working sleeves of dresses onto this bazaar mannequin. So, as soon as I replace her, I think she can go to live at Goodwill or something.

Idiom for the day: Can't Cut the Mustard .... in other words, a new girls mannequin is an absolute must!

The sky is, again, abeautiful shade of blue and hardly a breath of air ...colors are beginning to turn. Autumn is beautiful here ....

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