Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Grateful Heart Sampler Quilt

Look at these beautiful Civil War era fabrics! There are really way to many to choose from, and I definitly have more in my stash .... These are screaming "SAMPLER QUILT"!

These prints are warm and comfortable. They make me feel nostalgic. They remind me they are fabrics similar to ones my Great Great Grandmother Margaret may have used. She may have passed down quilts to her daughter, my Great Grandma Agnes. Maybe Agnes inherited a basket of fabric scrapes and she made her own quilt remembering her mother using the fabrics for a dress for herself, or a shirt for a brother, or maybe a little dress for Mildred (my grandmother). If only I could get my hands on a quilt from G.G. Grandma Margaret ... I would not even care if it were thread bare .... sigh .... I'll just have to make my own ... and pretend ...

I Stumbled across this quilt magazine. Winter edition of McCalls Quilting 2009/2010. Back issues can be found at

The last quilt they are featuring is a quilt entitled "A Grateful Heart" which captured my attention. It is not the typical sampler style quilt you see. You know, the one that are 12 inch assorted blocks put together with sashing? Look at this one! It's really neat! No matter where your eye travels, there is something to see ... and I love that!

The first block they suggest to make is the Grandmothers Fan. However, I think I am going to switch it with a Jacobs Ladder. Considering I am reminiscing about Grandmothers I should probably leave it in, huh? It isn't that I don't like the Grandmothers Fan block, it's just that I like the Jacobs Ladder better. You never know, maybe I'll change my mind as the quilt progresses. Creators Prerogative
This quilt will certainly not get finished over night! I know me too well. I will work on it with this blog in mind though. As I make the squares I'll show you what I am doing along the way. Seems only fair doesn't it? Hey! Why don't you make one along with me! It will be fun! We could pretend we are having our own Sewing Bee!! Think about it ok?
PS You can click on the pictures and they will enlarge for you! .....

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