Monday, July 28, 2014

So many things I love to do

I have been busy working on UFO's ... my goodness I have more than I thought I did LOL  This one is still a work in process, but closer to finished than when I first retrieved it from its boxed coffin haha

And this one is getting closer as all I need to do do decide what border I want to put around ...

But as is the story of my life, quilting is not the only thig that brings me joy. Since 1983, I have been making historical gowns. This picture is the inspiration photo of the 1878 Natural Form era gown:

And here is the completed gown, the back:

And the front:
 As well as a close up of the skirts ruffles:

So now it sits on ebay with the hope and dream of someone desiring to purchase it. Busy hands and all that ... I still manage to find elements of trouble however haha.  Wishing you all the very best!