Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Knit in Public Day ....

So! This morning I went and bought some Vanna's Glamour yarn by Lion Brand. This week, with a Michael's coupon, you can get $5 off with each $25 you spend. I don't know how you feel about having stashes, but my personality loves it VERY much. FYI, my fabric stash is winning by far, but the yarn stash gets added to whenever I come across sales and coupons like this one at Michael's. ;)

If you click on the link I posted above, you will see the little bracelet patterns for free. I decided to make the knit cable stitch bracelets (I LOVE cables!). I purchased metal colored yarns. Silver, gold and brownish copper. When they are knit, I plan on adorning them with some beads, pearls, charms and the like. Might as well make them look like bracelets, I guess.

So here I sit with size 4 bamboo needles and fun glittery yarn. Will I be knitting in public on Saturday? I'll give it my best shot. But it would be easier if I had a knitting buddy to knit with .... Who knows? Maybe I have a knitting buddy who will be looking for me as much as I am looking for them ....

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  1. You should knit in public! I was sitting in the hallway at my school knitting as I waited for someone, and a professor walking by literally thanked me for knitting! I love this bracelet--I was thinking the other day "I wonder if a cable knit bracelet would look cool?" Yes it does!