Sunday, May 29, 2011

Basket Swap ....

Shame on me! Why on earth have I waited so long to blog? I need to work on that, don't I? Actually, I have been considering a different blog name, but thoughts are just that .... thoughts.

Ok. So I participated in a basket swap which was such a refreshing thing to do!

This is the one I received along with the wonderful goodies which came from Marj Coldiron in South Carolina. I am still chuckling at the Aspirin Milk Chocolate! LOL Look at those fat quarters! Aren't they wonderful? And who doesn't like Lemon Iced Tea? I mean really?! Don't tell me if you don't ... it will only shatter my delusion. ;)

This pink and brown basket is the one I made.

My heart goes out to the people who have suffered so horribly this spring season. I can not even imagine what they must be going through. To loose so much in a blink of an eye would be traumatic indeed. My thoughts and prayers to all.

I looked at the thermometer at 7AM this morning and saw it said 80 degrees. The wind is blowing like it did when we lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming! I thought how glad I am to not be living in Tornado Ally ..... I love the area of the Western Slope Colorado I live in!

Our Veggie garden is planted and we are already enjoying lettus, spinach and radish. Saw tomatoes , ever so tiny, on a few of the plants. Potatoes will need to be mounded soon .... Awe! Love the garden!

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  1. Glad you got back to your blog. The picture that you did of the basket is very artistic, makes it look so good. What are you working on lately? I'll check back to see, thank you for blogging about the basket swap.